I love Aladdin. I remember specific scenes and snippets of songs from when I was a wee lass, but there is one specific fraction of a fraction of a moment that my senses remember most. The perfect … “ding” of Jafar’s ring as he places it on the pedestal while Iago runs on the gears to create the storm that will reveal to Jafar “the diamond in the rough”. A short, simple moment that had a long, intense impact on a short, simple child.

I hate the Roosevelt L stop. The one above ground. After a while of using it I began to hear an annoying high frequency tone that was just barely there, teasing me, seeing how much I could take before I punted a small child and lost my mind. Later I come to find out these high frequency tones are being used, as weapons, against teenagers loitering. A sound only we youngsters can hear because as our life slowly dwindles away, so does our ability to hear the high and low ends of the frequency spectrum. Stop the passive abuse, kick those annoying teens in the ass and leave my ears out of it.


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