The Final Post

How Do You Review The Arts?

Reviewing the Arts is more than just giving opinion. It is more than walking through a Gallery and writing about what you saw. The first thing that I learned in my Reviewing the Arts course at Columbia College Chicago is that a writer needs cause to write a review, whether it be a gallery opening, movie sequel, or Album release a writer must always give the audience a reason to read their review. In any review there must also be identification, such as a bit of background, dates, locations, pretty much the “who, what, when, where, and how much” or anything else that will help the reader better understand the topic of review. Also important are a good strong eye catching opening and a show stopping closing that delivers main idea in an attention grabbing fashion. When reviewing the arts it is also difficult to know when to add 1st person, without making the review too much about yourself as the writer. Keeping 1st person to a minimum allows the content to be as subjective as possible without telling the reader what to think. There are many different types of art to review and, ultimately, you will either write positive or negative reviews. Neither type is wrong, there simply must be evidence to back up the content. Think about every aspect of the topic, if it is a newly released album take into account the title of the album, the artwork, arrangement of songs, titles of songs, sound, instruments, lyrics, and previous albums and background of the artist themselves. A well rounded review will swim fluidly though all different aspects of a topic without drowning the reader in opinion of one specific feature. So how do we review the arts? Carefully, analytically, thoughtfully, humorously, but most of all honestly. Pictures and links don’t hurt either.

Thank you so much for a great semester.


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